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About Me

2D/3D CG Artist/Animator Games/Film; Singer/Voice Actor; Writer.

Hello! I'm a 2D/3D CG Artist and Animator that surrounds himself with games, animation and various other related materials and views them all with a critical eye to better understand their techniques in storytelling and how they've changed with the times. I've been told I'm a troubleshooting problem-solver and have had the opportunity to wear several hats in every position I've been in. I am synonymous with versatility when it comes to creativity and always seeking out new ways to challenge myself to delve deeper into the heart of the arts.

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Resumé (click to download PDF)

Alex Robles

2D/3D Artist/Animator | | | (714) 269-0088


Engine Giant Entertainment, LLC

2013 – Present (2 years)Anaheim, CA

•2D&3D Artist/Animator: Modeled, textured, sculpted, animated, rigged, packaged virtual assets
•Social Media Manager: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, PlayStation Forums
•Voice Actor: Sound Packs Necromancer, Undead, Wizard, Ghost, Adventurer, Assassin
•Comic Book Writer & Artist: Creator, writer, illustrator of weekly Anti-Bully Manga
•Audio/Video Editor: Recorded/Captured/ Edited VO and Advertisement Videos for virtual assets

Digital Content Creator; 2D/3D Artist; Maya Generalist

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

September 2010 – July 2013 (2 years 11 months)El Segundo, CA

• Created and converted several Konami related IPs approved by various affiliates such as:
Kojima Productions' METAL GEAR SOLID, Silent Hill, Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven,
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Frogger, Contra, Sunset Riders, Gradius, Castlevania (OS),
Suikoden, Rumble Roses, Hard Corps. Uprising, etc. for PlayStation® Home.
• Created hundreds of PlayStation® Home virtual goods from concept to completion with:
• Photoshop, ZBrush, X-Normal, Maya, 3DS Max, XSI, and proprietary software. In charge of all
character animation/rigging.
• Directly responsible for pitching brand new IPs and their creation from beginning to end,
including their object descriptions in the PlayStation® Home Store. 9/10-7/13

Maya CG Generalist/Storyboard Artist

Whitney Digital
February 2008 – August 2010 (2 years 7 months)Burbank, CA

• Created 2D assets for various shows.
• Modeled, textured, lit, rigged, animated, composited and laid out entire scenes/shots for:
Seasons 2&3 of “Cities of the Underworld”, “The Sun”, “Snipers”, “Science of the Movies”, “What You Can’t See”, “Inside Extraordinary Humans”, and various other television shows/specials, legal and scientific graphics.
• Contributed 3D content to Shane Acker’s “9” promotional assets


Freelance (Various)


• "Los Fantasticos" Commercial on Telemundo with 2D animation for Fairfield Nissan.
• UI design/Character Concepts/Portraits and animation for Duel Chamber—5 Sigma Games
• Gem TD, Windows Phone Game, creation of 8 directional Sprites
• T-Shirt design for YouTube Dragon Ball Z Abridged’s Team Four Star
• Tic Toc Games Zombie Animation (Maya)
• DataWORKS kid posters (Adobe Illustrator)



• 2D/3D Animator, CG Artist/Generalist, Video Editor, Voice Actor, Writer
• Collaborated with TV/game publisher/developer producers/directors to create digital content
(Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Shane Acker’s “9”, etc.)
• Pitching brand new IPs sold worldwide for Konami DEI on PlayStation® Store
• Worked on multiple teams of Artists/Programmers and with High Profile Superiors
• Participated in various AAA title video game meetings with staff/developers/overseas HQs
• Trained Artists in new software/updates/techniques
• Hands-on market research with Sales/Marketing team for virtual goods
• Poster/Banner Ad/Logo creation
• Problem solving and troubleshooting software/technical issues
• Online Customer Service and Promotions
• Customer Service via Freelance employer notes/critiques/changes


• Autodesk Maya • ZBrush • XNormal • Adobe Photoshop • Manga Studio
• Adobe After Effects • Adobe Flash • Autodesk Mudbox
• Adobe Audition• Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft PowerPoint

Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation